Friday, March 19, 2010

turning into" use to be guy"

Ive read from bellybuttons reports about how you will get use to your "new self"over time. To be honest it has been so long(before 2-10-09) since I felt well that I can not even remember what it feels like to feel good! Don't get me wrong I am fighting and doing what ever I can to improve my health....resting,eating healthy,and exercise but I just do not feel or look well.Must be the powerful drugs I subjected my body to along with the disease or diseases that I have. No one is sure if my kidney disease is separate from my PMP.I am flying out early Monday morning to have consults with Dr. Sugarbaker in D.C. and Dr. Sardi in Baltimore and am interested in what they have to say and treatment plans. It should be interesting...I made all of the arrangements and for those who know me well ,I know you are laughing!Jeepers are things expensive out East!!! Especially when I had to make plans at the last minute.Just what I need is more stress! At least I am going alone and only have to take care of myself!
Boy I really took my athleticism for granted! Not long ago I had a 227 a game bowling average,I could drive a golf ball 300 yards,climb trees at will,had a strong throwing arm,pretty good ball player and was still playing fast pitch softball until a couple of years ago against 20 year olds and could still kick there ass.For the last ten years except for last year due to my ruptured appendix I was a volunteer baseball coach at South High...I am going to help out this year as long as I can before my operation....that will help keep things off my mind. I also may hit the driving range to poke some as far as I can.I also will be taking some batting practice and hopefully hit a couple out of the park one last time. I am cognizant these things are coming to a end very soon.
I remember the lyrics from the song"forever young",it goes....forever young,I want to be forever you really want to live forever?
Seems to me you don't have a choice...hey even with my illness each day is not real great...but each day is still good!

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