Monday, March 8, 2010

Seems like yesterday

For those of you who know me well,you know that I have never really liked computers. I am having a hard time finding the motivation to write on this blog.Personally I prefer to write in my notebook where I can keep my more personal thoughts to myself. I also realize that if I do not update this more frequently no one is going to follow it... not that anyone is anyways. It seems like yesterday when Debbi and myself were debating if we should get a know the kids were saying...come on Mom and Dad everyone else has one,and so on.I remember the arguments with the kids over who is using the computer...I need it for school work...I need it for this and that!
We now have NINE ways maybe more to access the internet in my family. Two normal pc's,two lab tops,one ipod thing,and four cell phones...Last night while watching the academy awards with Debbi and Carlee they were using there cell phones the whole night on the internet...You might think it was family time together but it was far from that...they were who knows where as they jumped around the internet and facebook crap. I do not remember too much from when I was confirmed 35 years ago,but I do remember Reverend Koch placing his hand upon my head as he read to me my bible verse he selected..I do not remember what book of the Bible and verse but I do remember what he said......Test everything, abstain from all forms of evil......I think this internet digital age is sneaking up on a whole lot of people and family's. I am concerned and feel that there is a real dark side to this besides all the obvious evil things the internet offers. I have learned to trust my instincts and the red flag is waving! I imagine the digital devices are just like anything else,if used in moderation it can enhance ones life,but if used all the time addiction is sure to take hold.
There is some good on the net! I have found a site on the internet for people who have the rare cancer that I have called PMPbelly button club and the cancer patients and survivors have been most helpful to me and very supportive .Total strangers pleaded me to seek out a specialist to perform my operation so mistakes are not made like what they have endured because of bad choices they made or doctors not knowing what they are dealing with.I have heard them loud and clear...I have canceled my operation at Froedtert and have sent my medical records to three doctors who are specialists in hopes that they can take my case...Dr.Sardi of Mercy medical in Baltimore...Dr. Sugarbaker of George Washington hospital in D.C.....Dr. Fournier of M.D. Anderson in Houston. Once I hear from them I will be flying out to them to have a consult and when I meet a doctor that I feel comfortable with we will make plans for the MOAS ...mother of all surgeries.
Four people have died on the PMPbellybuton club since I joined 3 weeks ago and this has really shaken me and has brought gravity to my condition and just how serious this can be .I have found myself praying for these total strangers and their family's.I will try to write more often and keep things updated.


  1. Keep writing. It's good for you.... And remember there are lots of "all clears" on the PMP belly button site too!

  2. Mark, keep the writing coming. I agree with your concerns about technology. Any tool can get the better of us after a while. Signing off for the afternoon :)...

    Jim H @ FCC