Thursday, March 11, 2010

destination unknown

Going on walk abouts through swamps ,fields and hardwoods has been one of my favorite things to do ever since I was a kid. As I kid I never really had a destination other than the woods...what you came across during these trips was always a surprise.Yes I was looking for snakes,frogs or turtles and I made plenty of return trips home with reptiles my mother could not stand to look at.After a few days of keeping them in buckets and garbage cans I would take them back to where I found them and release them.These days while looking for new hunting spots it just is not the same....I am "boxed" on where I can walk and search due to property lines...I would love to explore new lands but these days it is a sure way to get yourself a ticket from the local sheriff!
For this reason I have found fishing in my boat fills my desire to explore and search for the unknown.When you go out on the water with a vessel you can pretty much go anywhere you want... destination trespassing signs,no fear of getting a fine as long as you have all the required equipment and follow the fishing regulations.Just enjoying the view and keeping one eye upon the weather,trying new waters for fish...yes having two motors in case one acts up and a GPS to show you the way home sure puts you at ease when you venture out so far that you can't see shore .I have learned to respect the "big pond" conditions can change rapidly. It is always better to fish another day than to test it. That is what I like, not knowing what you are going to experience that day or if you are going to catch fish,neat sunrise or sunset stuff like that.
My illness has put me in uncharted waters...Who will be my doctor? When will I have my operation? Where will my operation be?What will he find? Will I be OK? Will my insurance cover it?Who is going to be my caregiver? Do I need a caregiver?Why put someone else through my battle?How soon will I be able to fish again?Go back to church?Go back to work?Oops...I first must find a job or start a business before I can work. When do I get off these damn medicines?This new drug called myfortic I am taking warns that it may cause anxiety! I have an idea on how to lessen the anxiety!!!!! Don't charge so much money for your drug!!! $400 a month!
While heading into destination unknown I plan on viewing it like a voyage on a new boat.
Enjoy the view
Explore the vessel
Make friends with the captain and others on the boat....God,doctor's,nurses,new friends,etc
Fish a little...only in my mind
Get off when I get home and do good


  1. As a kid I once brought home 2 snakes, and while looking for a permanent container to keep them in, for some reason I thought the cookie jar would be a good temporary home for them. Then I forgot about them. My mom still brings it up, and I don't think she can eat a cookie in peace to this day. Bon voyage!

  2. Sounds like a great way to keep others out of the cookie jar!Too bad I didn't think of that as a kid,would have left more cookies for me!